Recent Seasons  

Fall 10


Based on a classic 80′s skateboarding flick, Superior designed this super cool logo board called Thrashin Superior. It comes in sizes 7.75″ and 8.25″

Checkerboard Straight

Basic logo board using the classic checkerboard pattern. Sizes 7.7″ and 7.6″

Logo Wrap

SUPERIOR logo wrap boards:

Black/Gold – 8.0″
Rasta – 7.75″
White/Red – 7.5″

Checkerboard Mini Logo


Super Wheeler

Based on a classic toy from the 80′s the tricycle Big Wheel.

Suuperior Super Wheeler, size 7.6″

Majer Blazers

A cool looking unicorn with rasta colors based on some old school graphic cards. Size 7.7″


Here’s the coolest trendy Robot with awesome 80′s shades, a record player and crazy dunk shoes! It comes in two different colors and sizes.

Black/Purple – 7.9″

Orange/Blue – 7.6″

Scarlet Sugar

One of our best sellers, Scarlet Sugar mixes a pop art with the cool mexican Day of Death art style. They come in 3 different sizes:

Black/Pink – 8.0″

Pink/Yellow – 8.25″

White/Blue – 7.75″

Sugar Bandit

In the same art style as Scarlet Sugar, this version, Sugar Bandit, comes in 3 different color ways and sizes.

Green/Pink – 7.75″

Purple/Red – 8.0″

Red/Red – 7.6″