Recent Seasons  

Fall 11

Billy Argel Colab series

Once again, SUPERIOR pairs up with a legendary street artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to produce these amazing boards. Billy Argel brings 2 new designs for this Fall 2011 line, VIP and Beauty Queen.

VIP – 7.9″
Beauty Queen – 8.25″

Cope2 Colab recolors

SUPERIOR brings for this FALL a second run of one of the coolest boards we have done, the collaboration with the legendary graffiti artist from the Bronx, COPE2.

COPE2 Wild – 8.0″

Eagle Pop

This trendy eagle carrying it’s boom box and rocking it’s ray bans is printed straight on the wood veneer making this board look like how skateboards used to be back in the day. Comes in the size 7.75″


If you’re a big fan of the popular ones… the wax dripping skull, Meltdown, is one of our biggest sellers!
Size 7.5″