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Behind those legendary skate deck graphics, Billy Argel has an interesting background story. Possibly the most important leader in Brazilian skate deck graphics and artwork, Argel taught himself to printhighly detailed images on skateboards in the mid 80s before the medium was mainstream, or even available to most artists and riders. Now you can find his artwork on SUPERIOR SKATEBOARDS!

Black/Red/Green – 8.0″
White/Black – 7.75″
Black/Grey – 7.6″

One-Eyed Superior

One Eyed Superior was based on a classic movie flick, The Goonies. It comes in 3 different sizes,

White/Green – 8.0″
Yellow/Pink – 7.9″
Black/Yellow – 7.75″

Chunk Logo

Chunk logo is another board graphic based on the classic movie flick The Goonies!

Blue/Yellow – 8.1″
Black/White – 7.75″

Superior Grip Tape

Superior is expanding it’s products and is now producing high quality grip-tape. Besides the fact the these have a true grip to it, it also comes in some real cool trendy designs. Make your board look and work even better using some of our SUPERIOR grip-tape.

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