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Spring 11


A true legend, Cope was born and raised on the streets of the Bronx, where he influenced a new generation of New York street artists. As one of the most acclaimed, enduring, and well-documented graffiti artists of his time, Cope has earned the title, “King”. We are proud to introduce the COPE2 SUPERIOR boards…

Cope2 Wild Black – 7.75″
Cope2 Superior Yellow – 8.0″

Thuggy Bear

You never thought the sweet gummy bears would ever join the gangs of LA streets. SUPERIOR Thuggy Bear is a tough version of the rubber candies and they are not messing around… heads are rolling!

Thuggy Bear Crips – 8.0″
Thuggy Bear Blood – 8.1″

Rolling Superior

A psychedelic cartoon mouth based on one of our favorite classic rock n’ roll bands! 3 sizes on 3 different color ways.

Rolling Superior White – 8.0″
Rolling Superior Pink – 7.9″
Rolling Superior Yellow – 7.75″

Moto Star

For those that remember the classic ages of the BMX… here’s Moto Star! These boards use bright neon color applications as well as a special sparkle ink for the Silver version.

Moto Star Silver – 7.9″
Moto Star Classic  - 7.6″

Grip Tape

Grip Tape designs

Skull Dudes
Red Wood
Rasta Checker
Polka Dot
Black/White Checker


Superior once again expanding it’s products. We just came out with a great, price conscious and reliable line of skateboard hardware. From bearing to mounting hardware, grip tape to riser pads, SUPERIOR is always coming out with product for the price conscious skater that likes to have top quality gear without having to spend top dollars for it. SUPERIOR ALL THE WAY!